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Ceva – world experts in bait design


In 2019, Ceva Animal Health acquired IDT Biologika GmbH, bringing over 25 years of experience and heritage in oral rabies vaccines into our animal health portfolio.

Founded in 1921, IDT Biologika GmbH is known as an innovative, award-winning life sciences company with a focus on animal and human health. 

Over the years, IDT Biologika GmbH had established a loyal customer base and excellent customer service. As a firmly established market leader in the global battle against rabies IDT Biologika GmbH worked closely with specialists to stay at the forefront of rabies research. 

Our World Rabies Free.

Oral rabies vaccines have had significant impact:

  • by driving down the incidence of rabies across Europe
  • by making a crucial contribution to the elimination of fox-mediated rabies across many European countries including Germany, Italy, Austria and Slovenia 

Graphics on the right: Rabies incidence Europe (Source: Rabies Bulletin Europe)

Ceva is an expert in bait design:

  • 25-year experience
  • Unique bait designs
  • Optimised for performance and thermal stability
  • Safe, stable and highly attractive to target species

Ceva is an expert in bait design and has over 25 years experience designing baits for the use in wild and free-roaming animals. The key to a successful bait is acceptance by the target species and a structure that ensures that the content is delivered in the correct way to the target species