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We have collected articles, research papers and informative websites to help share knowledge and learnings in the fight against rabies. 


There are a lot of useful articles and informative websites that you may find helpful. Click on the article to review a brief summary or download the article in full.

Vaccine strain
SBPN GASGAS (Foxes and raccoon dogs)

Vaccine strain
SBPN GASGAS (Shedding)

Baits for foxes and raccoon dogs 

Baits for dogs

Baits for dogs

Baits for other species – Kudu

Distribution – SURVIS

Distribution – Hand-out model (dogs)

International guidelines, WHO: Expert Consultation on Rabies

International guidelines, OIE: Terrestrial Manual Rabies

The following sites provide a useful source of additional information and resource on rabies and oral rabies vaccination programmes.


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